Boost Your Corporate Image Through Remote Call Forwarding Service

Remote-Call-ForwardingWhat is a Call Forwarding Service for Remote Workers?

The remote call forwarding service reassigns an incoming phone call automatically to any designated home, long distance or toll free phone number. These calls can be forwarded to any of the working phone lines and to any gadget, such as land line, cell phone, office phone, etc. The call forwarding service involves no acquisition or installation of new equipment and no set-up fee either. Furthermore, you can activate or set up the service remotely from any location or phone whenever you require it, which offers you full flexibility to work in modern day’s mobile environment.

How Remote Call Forwarding Service Assist Develop Your Business?

You can create the delusion of a better business without supplementary expenses or establishing manifold physical locations. The hosted PBX system of the remote call forwarding service comes with affordable options to put your customers money aside by enabling them to call a local phone number and have it routed to your key office phone automatically. If you are working from another site or traveling, you can just forward the phone number to locate and track you. By no means, you will miss a vital call and the client will reach you consistently.

Features of the service

Some of the beneficial features of the remote call forwarding service include:

  1. The Auto Attendant feature of the service can answer and direct all incoming calls to your personnel across the country.
  2. The Voicemail-to-Email feature can receive all voice messages for your business and can distribute them to any site where there is broadband Internet connectivity.
  3. The Fax-to-Email service guarantees that you will not at all miss one more fax again, and even it does not need a fax device or paper.
  4. The Professional Greeting feature of the service is the finest way to welcome your callers, and create a spectacular impression through a professional outgoing salutation.
  5. The Call Accept/Reject feature of the service will screen each and every incoming call, and accepts the call if you are prepared to speak or reject the call and will send the caller to voicemail.

Benefits of the service

Some of the key benefits that businesses take pleasure in the remote call forwarding service include:

  1. Callers have no necessity to pay charges for their long distance calls, thus putting them the money aside.
  2. The service is an ideal inexpensive solution for opening new branch offices in new locations without physical relocation.
  3. It is the best and the most convenient option for long distance clients.
  4. The remote call forwarding service offers continuous communication to both calling and called people.
  5. It offers a superior flexibility.
  6. The service puts both time and money aside for calling and called people.
  7. The system is simple to configure, so you can make your desired changes at any time.


Using the remote call forwarding service , you will be capable of creating more opportunities to carry out your business in more locations, at the same time as keeping your expenses low. Moreover, you can activate, disable or transform the call forwarding options from any distant location.

Should Realtors Use a Local or Toll Free Number for Their Business?

3D_Realty_HandshakeThe next question will be answered in 20 seconds by our host, Marko Rubel, a self-made millionaire who bought and sold over 300 properties. He is one of the foremost experts in front of the National Real Estate Investors Association representing 40,000 investors nationwide. He is listed in the prestigious Who’s Who and well-known in the business world. Here is the next question from our listener.

Toll Free Numbers vs Local Numbers for Business

Mike: I represent Jamie. I’m asking in your phone system that you have on handling buyers and sellers, they’re asking, “How many phone numbers should we have for this business?” And please talk about the local phone number and the toll free numbers and where they should be used regarding the website, the business cards, and the mailing piece.

Marko Rubel: Basically, guys, when you [sic] come to the phone numbers in advertising, again I always say, keep it simple.  Don’t get too many numbers, that [sic] too confusing. Get one number and that’s your advertising number and then you have another direct number that comes to you so you can talk with them. Direct [sic] number doesn’t go in your advertising, goes [sic] only on your business card and it can go in your letterhead and that’s what you give them when you meet with them.
You’ve got to run the business as a business, right? Your letterheads, that obviously you have all branded, they’re the same as the website. Everything is branded, the report and everything. The letterhead could have a direct line, because at that point, who’s going to get this? Someone who already spoke with you, right? Someone you [sic] sending the special report after you talked with them, so it’s okay to put direct [sic] number.

Now, if you have your letterhead already done and there is only advertising [sic] number, then no problem. Just make sure you go into the software, into ProfitGrabber, and at the bottom of that cover page just under your signature, just add your direct number and you fix it, no problem, and then you print it on the letterhead. So that’s not a problem.

Advertising and Toll Free Numbers

The advertising number– Is your advertising number a toll free number or a local number? It depends on one thing. If in your targeted area, your area of interest, your geographical area, if you have multiple area codes, and if there’s a long distance charge between one area code and another area code, then you may be better off getting a toll free number. But, if you have only one area code or there’s no long distance charge when you call and everybody’s pretty familiar with all the area codes, then you may as well go with a local number.

I would probably prefer a local number just because we are a nationwide business, but you are local there, so people like that. The other reason why I’m saying that is the toll free number, if it’s not 8-0-0, but it’s 8-7-7, 8-6-6 and all of that, I prefer 8-0-0. It’s worth paying a little bit extra for something that important as the numbers for your sellers.

As I said, if you’re going with a local number you have another benefit that you could get a vanity number that ends with 3-2-7-9 that spells out “easy,” 2-2-7-4 spells out “cash.” The one I really like is “sold,” that spells out “sold.” I forgot what it is, 7-6-5-3 I think it is, that spells “sold.”

All mine; buying once, end with “sold.” All of my selling ones for the buyers end with “easy,” “fast,” things like that. So that would be my take on the  advertising numbers.

We can move to the next question Mike, right?

Mike: Yes and the only comment I’d make on that is that’s for our client side and then obviously once we have properties and we’re looking to sell the properties, then you will have another number to advertise for properties that you are selling.

Marko Rubel: Very great point Mike. You never combine. As I said million [sic] times, you never combine your selling number and your buying number. You never combine them because your buyers, your tenants, your lease-option buyers, your wrap buyers, they have no business of knowing who is the owner. You don’t need to tell them you’re the owner because if you do that, then it puts you into [sic] not good negotiation position. Then they’re going to ask you for concessions and for everything.

You shouldn’t lie, you never lie, but you say, “I have ownership interest.” That’s it [sic] what I say and most of them don’t ask. Most of them don’t even ask, “Are you the owner or not?” But if they ask, “I have some ownership interest.” That’s it because you really don’t want your sellers to know how you [sic] doing all this. You don’t need your buyers to know. Keep it separate. It’s your business. It’s none of their business. Why would everybody need to know what you do, right?

So it’s [sic] separated it’s better because for the buyers– People think like this, “Oh he just bought it, let me look up what he paid for. Oh now he’s selling it. Oh you [sic] selling it for a lot more, why is that?” They start asking those questions they have no business of asking.

I am the property management company. We just selling [sic] this on a lease option, this is the price, this is it. “Oh, but the owner just bought it.” All what [sic] we know, it’s a fair price. You’re getting a great deal and if you don’t want it, someone else going [sic] to take it. If you like the house, you jump in. That avoids all the conversation about how you bought it, how much you paid for it, or any of that that’s none of their business. Make sense, guys? I’m right, right? [laughs]

Mike: Yes absolutely, absolutely.

[music exit]

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How to Call the US From France

Flag_of_FranceMaking a holiday in the continent of Europe is a really, really good idea, and for those who are adventurous as well. Are you already in the city of the lights, in Paris? No problem. In case you’d like to call the United States, you want to call home, your parents, your family, or your friends, and you don’t know how to do that, please, follow these steps.

First of all, let us figure it out what time it is in the United States. France is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, which means that it’s six hours later in France that it is on the East Coast of the United States, and nine hours later than it is on the West Coast.

Dial the area code for the city you wish to call. For example, 310 for Los Angeles, 415 for San Francisco. Now last, but not least, dial the seven digit personal phone number.

How to Call France From the US


The masterpieces of The Louvre, the wonderful wines of the Bordeaux region, the roughly million kinds of cheese, and of course the Riviera. The reasons to visit France are endless, of course. If you’re planning to make a travel to France, first, maybe you should make a phone call and please follow our instructions.

Determine what time it is in France. France is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. It means that it’s six hours later in France than it is on the East Coast of the United States, and it’s nine hours later in France that it is on the West Coast.

  • As always, please dial 011, which is the international access code.
  • Then, it’s followed by the number 33, which you have to dial. That is the country code of France.
  • And thirdly, please remove the zero from the ten digit phone number.

Anyway, almost all France toll free numbers start with either 01, or 02, or 03, or 04, or 05. And last, but not least, dial the personal phone number.

How to Call the United States From the United Kingdom

In order to call home, first of all you should determine what time it is in the UK. The UK is equal to Greenwich Mean Time, which means that it is five hours later in the UK than it is on the East Coast of the US. And it is eight hours later in the UK than it is on the West Coast. First of all, dial 011 which is the international access code. And secondly, you should punch in 44 which is the country code for the UK. First of all, dial 011 which is the international access code. Then you should dial 44 which is the country code for the UK. Then please, drop the initial zero from the city code. And then, finally, punch in the remaining seven digit phone number.

How to Call the United Kingdom From the United States


Yes, I love fish and chips. I think I’m going to call the UK right now.

Hi everyone, my name is Ross. Did you know that calling internationally out of the United States you actually have to dial four separate numbers? That’s right. Pretty interesting. Let’s talk about how you can call a UK toll free number. Pretty simple, actually.

First of all, your numbers are like this.

  • There is a code to get out of the United States, 0-1-1.
  • Then there is a country code. In this case the UK, it’s 4-4.
  • There’s a city code then a number.

Let’s say for instance, you want to dial London. Now this is where it gets a little sticky. London city code actually is divided into two. That’s right. You dial 20 plus 7 for inner London. And for outer London, whatever that might mean, you dial 20 plus 8. So let’s say you want to dial inner London.

No problem. 011, that’ll get you out of the country. 4-4 is the UK country code, and then of course the city code in this case for inner London would be 20-7, and then let’s say for instance 5-5-2-3-6-9-8 is the number. And it’s pretty simple. That’s how you dial a UK toll free number.

I’m Ross and if you don’t mind, I’m going to order some fish and chips right now. Have a good day.